The Berezniki Solikamsk Usolye Masterplan as a Case Study

School of Architecture and Society, Politecnico die Milano, Italy.
Masterplan Studio: Urban Design Process Management
The goals of the course are to give an overview on what masterplanning is in the Italian and international context, to get familiar with some commonly used planning tools, methods and techniques, and to explore the theoretical debates and practical problems within the process of urban design and planning.

The course is structured in three parts:
1. Theory of urban planning and urban design.
In the theoretical part, an overview is given of the foundations and definitions of planning, the role of design in the process of planning and the relevant contemporary issues and debates in planning.

2. Case studies in masterplanning.
In this part of the course different international masterplanning experiences are presented, with a focus on the European city and examples showing contemporary trends and problems in European masterplanning.

A series of guest lecturers presented relevant case-studies. Some of them were:
– Talita Medina: “The Courrouze Masterplan, Rennes, France”
– Matteo Motti: “The Masterplan for Nieuw-Zuid, Antwerp, Belgium”
Sara King, KK Urbanism · Architecture · Landscape: “The Berezniki Solikamsk Usolye Masterplan

3. Masterplanning in the Italian context.
This part provides an overview of the tools and regulations for masterplanning in the Italian context, the non-prescriptive planning norms, such as design guidelines, and the process of decision-making and implementation of an urban design scheme. The tools and regulations are expounded through examples and case studies.

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School of Architecture and Society, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design.
academic year 2013/2014.