Presentation of the master plan of Berezniki and Solikamsk agglomeration

On 25 November 2013 Uralkali presented the master plan for development of the towns of Berezniki, Solikamsk and Usolye. The plan was demonstrated to the representatives of the regional and federal governments, as well as heads of the Verkhnekamye towns.

In October 2011, Uralkali signed a contract with the German companies KK Architekten and BuroHappold to develop a master plan for the towns Berezniki, Solikamsk and Usolye (a so-called “Kama triad”). The team of some of the best European architects was commissioned to prepare a development plan for the “Kama triad” and create a new and modern model of urban environment.

Uralkali has invested about USD 3 million in the development of the project, its adaptation to the requirements of the Russian legislation and preparation of the urban planning documentation.

The master plan of Berezniki and Solikamsk agglomeration has become one of the first documents of this kind in Russia. Its uniqueness lies in the integrated methodology used by the German architects. When working on the master plan, designers took into account factors, such as the condition of housing stock, communications, economic and historical trends, population migration levels, and also environmental aspects.

The plan involves the densification of existing buildings and infrastructure, as well as new construction in the “Kama triad”, with preservation of the distinctive features of each town. Thus, for example, in Berezniki it is proposed to preserve buildings of the Stalin era while relocating the city centre. Solikamsk, called the “Town of Churches”, will also retain its identity. A historical ensemble of the “Kama pearl”, the town of Usolye, will be naturally complemented with new buildings.

German architects propose to implement the master plan in several stages. The implementation of this strategy is expected to enable the evolutionary consolidation of the three towns in a single urban area in forty years.

Alexey Shcherbinin, project manager of Uralkali, commented:

“Russian municipalities usually lack experience and funds to develop such a comprehensive document which would not only take into account particular qualities of a specific town, but would also mean utilising neighbouring territories. The aim of our project was to create a master plan, the implementation of which would provide residents of Berezniki, Solikamsk and Usolye with a comfortable, modern urban environment.

The team of architects from KK Architekten and BuroHappold has a wealth of experience in similar design projects delivered not only in Germany, but also in other countries.

In our opinion, the result of two years of activity of the best European architecture schools is a living document, a kind of road map for the development of the three neighbouring towns, in accordance with best international practices.”

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