Residing ´Am Spechtort´ in Hamburg: Christoph Kohl Architects awarded 3rd prize

A new residential neighbourhood with 125 housing units is planned on a 5.9 hectare plot ‘Am Spechtort’ in the district of Lemsahl-Mellingstedt, Hamburg. The urban design proposal by Christoph Kohl Architects was awarded 3rd prize in an invited single phase, urban planning competition.

The urban design concept by Christoph Kohl Architects proposes clearly defined building allotments, which are oriented towards the bordering landscape to the east, and enclose a central green neighbourhood square free of cars. The allotments are offset to form a road system without hierarchy. Behind the apartment buildings along the Lemsahler Landstraße a mix of row houses, semi-detached houses and single family houses offer a diverse living atmosphere. A varied demographic composition of the future neighbourhood is supported by different sizes and designs in housing layouts. The staggered arrangement of the buildings permits different views, creates flowing transitions and incorporates the rural environment. The area east of the neighbourhood is kept free of buildings and allows for a generous ´landscape room´, a local recreational landscape with water, reed and meadows.

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