Cottage Forum, Moscow 2012

Principles for creating successful urban design projects.

Development of suburban areas surrounding large cities has been a global trend for more than fifty years. In Russia, it is expected that this type of development will show a stable growth irrespective of the current economic situation. In the process of realization of country real estate projects located in the Moscow Region and other regions of Russia, some key risks and growth patterns have been identified.

The main issue today is how to make Russian suburban communities attractive to investors, tourists and potential (future) residents.

The Cottage Forum is designed to promote development of integrated communities in suburbs throughout Russia, from low-rise cottage villages to master developments including mega projects. The Forum is a venue to discuss the most topical issues related to recent development trends, architecture and innovations, to introduce state-of-the-art technologies and best global practice of development of country areas to industry professionals. The event will be an important step in the process of transformation trends in development of suburban areas in Russia as global-scale projects, which are becoming business, financial, communication and cultural centers.

The architect Christoph Kohl from KK Architects, Berlin, is invited to express his expert opinion on principles for creating successful urban design projects.
[Christoph Kohl: „Оставайся местным, насколько можешь”,, 11.07.2012.]

Cottage Forum, Moscow, 27th and 28th of March 2012.
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Cottage Форум 2012: 27 марта 2012 года бодро стартовал Cottage Форум и открыл весенний сезон на рынке загородной недвижимости. Форум прошел при поддержке компаний HONKA, ОПИН и Загородный проект. Организатор — интернет-портал

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Кристоф Коль: Городское пространство как архитектурная задача, [pdf | 0,6 MB] .