CKSA Berlin selected to design Centrumplan Roelofarendsveen

CKSA from Berlin have been chosen as the winner in a selection process for the design of a new part of the village centre of Roelofarendsveen, a village in the Dutch province of South Holland.

Four architecture firms had been invited by the developers Heembouw Ontwikkeling and Hoorne Vastgoed to produce detailed proposals for the completion of the village centre with 300 accommodation units and 7000 square metres of commercial space and social facilities.

The urban design plan shall be completed this summer. The development of the land-use plan and the architectural designs will follow. The demolition of the first buildings on the site has just started. The first residential units shall be sold a year from now.

for more information: Berlijns bureau ontwerpt centrumplan Roelofarendsveen.

De Oevers, Roelofarendsveen
Heembouw Ontwikkeling
Hoorne Vastgoed